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Colonic Hydrotherapy

How many will I need?

This will be assessed on your first consultation depending on the condition of your colon; even one treatment will always help.

Is it safe?

The procedure is perfectly safe. All equipment is either disposable or sterilised using solutions that are hospital approved and kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. The water is introduced at low gravitational pressure so there is no danger of bowel perforation. The Therapists have been trained to the highest professional standard by Janis Clarke from the Guild of Colonic Hydrotherapists.

What will colonic treatment do to the colon?

1 Cleanse the colon
2 It exercises the colon muscles
3 Reshapes the colon
4 Stimulates reflex points

Can I have a colonic treatment if I am having a period?

Yes, as long as you wear a tampon

Can I have a colonic treatment if I am pregnant?

There is no evidence that a colonic treatment will interfere with pregnancy however, as a precaution we always say no.

Is it painful?

No, Colonic hydrotherapy should never be painful.

Should I eat or not eat anything before a treatment?

Just carry on as normal.

Can I go back to work or go for a night out after a treatment?

Sometimes the colonic takes a while to release which is why we allow you plenty of time during the treatment. It is perfectly ok to go back to work or go out , however your body has been through a detox and it would be better to look after yourself and try and have some time to relax after.